Ambivalent – Substantia Ep [Ovum Recordings]

American-in-Berlin Ambivalent returns with another flawlessness brim-opportunity EP. As proved, years again, on Ovum. Easing us into his over-active analogue hurly chunky gracefully, Substantia taps into incomprehensible pools of hint,conjuring connotations from May to Amé as the slinky bass nearly purrs with plucked charisma and the evangelic synths begin the day with exulting pulse. Now ten years obscure into a league of line released on some of the most instrumental labels in techno (Ovum, M_nus, Cocoon, Kompakt) Kevin McHugh has chiselled a signature in the pit of the techno DNA database. From here we nosedive mystical into the techno deep with the indeterminate and ear-splitting Reversion. Mordant in its emancipation, analogue creativity and rifling intelligibility, each one ideal for the colder, fellowship-focusedmonths in the lead, Ambivalents signature principled keeps getting deeper and deeper. And hes done so while outstanding new, vibrant and hugely ingenious for DJs. Closed is a quaint techno channel where reliable beats are softened by a positively shaped acid oblique that fluctuates with fineness and funk. Giant Brace From: Laurent Garnier, Scuba, Sam Paanini, Alan Fitzpatrick, Len Faki, Gregor Tresher, Christian Smith, Paul Ritch and more!!!! Powered by asonic snow-shove of a scratch, staccato elements are densely laid to initiate a blurring perception of misunderstanding, the bigger the practice, the greater this one gets. C:
@ambivalent Joined and intertwined with a tick arpeggio, the hypnotic allure is inescapable. Terminal but not least its a black, heads-down concern as McHugh reminds us of his roots and repertoire.

Ambivalent - Substantia (Original Mix)
Ambivalent - Reversion (Original Mix)
Ambivalent - Closed (Original Mix)