Alture – Alture – Life Of A Worm [Trinity Las Vegas]

Alture is a music producer based out of Las Vegas, NV. His musical style Deep Tech is a mixture of Deep House, Techno and Tech House.

Ivan "Alture" Minier began collecting music at an early age. Throughout the early to mid 90's he had all of his favorite music on tapes then later on CD's as the decade progressed. His parents never censored what he listened to, thus allowing him to build an eclectic taste in music. His career in electronic music began the winter of 1999 with a gift from his parents; the Gemini DJ in a box set. But after a few short months he found himself wanting to make his own music and managed to trade his new DJ set for a Yamaha workstation.

Alture soon got the reputation as the kid that made beats at his high school. His music was known for its mellow sound and lack of sampling. He played all the keys for all the parts. For a few years he made Hip Hop and R&B beats for friends and local talent while his collection of electronic dance music continued to grow. He began to draw a lot of inspiration from many underground electronic music producers as well as some of the biggest names of the time.

In 2004 an extended stay in the North Jersey / Manhattan area opened his eyes to the one of the most vibrant underground scenes of electronic music. Instead of only listening to artists found through bulletin board systems online or through word of mouth he was mixing in with them, collaborating, offering feedback and just engulfing himself in the art. By 2007 he began to rebuild his studio and focus on creating electronic music and has since focused on developing his style and sound.

Alture - Alture - Life Of A Worm (Original Mix)