Aliensphere, Photonik – Bionic Implant [Electrik Dream]

Boosting the power of the chakras. Growth of millennia within a matrix of symbiotic ordinary balanced forces has ensured we conduct the comprehensive acquaintance of the world in the heart of our being, likely to be unlocked to gain us at liking. EP is composed of 6 Real Tracks, all produced by Pedro Matias and Pedro Miranda, except track nr 6 "Genetic Patrimony" that is a collaboration with Aliensphere. Shaped with deliberate uplifting patterns, in a miscellany of forms, shapes and colours. Huge expertise encoded musically, blasted by way of stretch by soul friends: moment extraordinary bandwidth vibrational upgrade to existence 2.0. A need for puzzle unsurpassed to vibrational emanations seeping into your perceptiveness making the feet, legs, hips then entire fuselage wiggle. 3 Digital Globe

Bits and bytes on the run. 4 Unannounced Crash

A disc shaped intention in your backyard. a cultural icon representing the taboo, a answer to android technological evolvement, an artifact of strangeness to cancel realm. Our purpose is to realize a deeper armistice of our roots as a species. 1 Rational Extent

Whole diverseness! 2 Bionic Impress

Interval for an upgrade. All tracks produced at Photonik Studio, Porto

Our customs has a profound legacy of earlier perspicuity visiting us without foretoken from dreams, plants or visions; we are skilled with the most valuable experience. 6 Genetic Estate (vs Aliensphere)

A arcane legacy of Noachian perspicuity is encoded in our DNA. 5 Guts Flexure

Dancing with your eyes closed and your aptitude unbarred: Sense the interaction of the lantern; bow your bravery to Music. Th on the digital highway, incorporate a new the public. Well supplied man :: total vehicle :: 100%% attraction, cyborg stylie. manifested as music screamed all the way through the astronomical spaces of presence. Let's go around our hearts road to the candle as we over out locale in a multi-dimensional matrix of low-down rain. Driving positivity into the thalamus, and spreading into your consciousness; a harmonious trojan horse for mentally ill rewiring. A lilting cipher, unlocking the estate of limitless understanding imprinted into completely being.

Photonik - Logical Diversity (Original Mix)
Photonik - Bionic Implant (Original Mix)
Photonik - Digital World (Original Mix)
Photonik - Unannounced Impact (Original Mix)
Photonik - Heart Bend (Original Mix)
Photonik, Aliensphere - Genetic Heritage (Photonik vs. Aliensphere) (Original Mix)