Alf&Gio – My Nephew Ep [Pild Records]

The tea of the sounds are greatly articulated and in conjunction with the ambience textures, they make an astonishing underground railway vibe that can look terrific backwards a staff. The hindmost and not least of the tracks called Tyre, has a slower flute than the quondam two, but again it presents a three-dimensional occupation made in the humiliate frequencies that readily blends with the supplementary synth pads in the encourage end and the systematized down vocal working, which in this at all events are working as tremendous fxs. The ambience they father is really hypnotic and it unalloyed concordance with what we heard in the leading supervise. The another on, Hammer, relies on a polished effort made in the low-end side of the spoor, with a grotesque exertion on the percussions and a prodigious beat created with respective bass drums too. We are altogether cock-a-hoop to initiate you to Alf&Gio duo calling who shape their admission to Pild with their My Nephew EP, which includes three fabulous originals. This put out a recondite grouping of tech sounds with a minimalistic organize that provides a solid secret vibe, aimed remarkably with the intent of blasting any bop parquet. The original spoor, My Nephew, starts with a three-dimensional tech trough that by far gets the listener into the upright willing with a elfin intro, until the low-end does its entr showing a more than groovy association between the percussions and the bass borderline.

Alf&Gio - My Nephew (Original Mix)
Alf&Gio - Hammer (Original Mix)
Alf&Gio - Tyre (Original Mix)