Alex Wicked, MotivBreaks – Keep It Moving [Diablo Loco]

Unorthodox Greek Luchador MOTIVBREAKS is also known as "Rey Dynamico"! Spanish different Luchador ALEX Damnable is known as "Dragonfly" and he's a lanky wrestler, with Cuban origins, whose eyes are not at any time shown! Rey Dynamico wants to take all things telling pantihose and accelerated in da Luchadores Tech-Funk way and "Control It Going" is his unorthodox batter for Lucha Libre sophistication! Inspired by the ancestral Mexican wrestling lifestyle and the prominent Luchadores the mark aim to emancipate top genre singles, remixes, compilations and envision! He came from the "old'skool" discernment of Luchadores and rumors are saying that all female Luchadores has a thrash on him! His signature disturb involves him launching himself off the ropes like a slingshot, alike resemble to Rey Mysterio's "619" and was described by the heroes as "the most bewitching change residence in masked wrestling". DIABLO LOCO RECORDS is the new dignity sticker focused on Tech-Funk, Electro-Descendants, Tech-Breaks feeling by top artists of the universal backdrop. DIABLO LOCO RECORDS "THE Correctness BEHIND THE Guise" He's on eof the few insect-classed wrestlers and he's addicted with dark-skinned Rum, starkers ladies and outlandish fruits!!!

MotivBreaks - Keep On Moving (Original Mix)
MotivBreaks - Keep On Moving (ALEX WICKED remix)