Alex Raider – Lakeside [Kaleydo Records]

Kaleydo's head Alex Raider is a polyvalent musician/composer and 360 degrees connoisseur of music.
His productions range between many musical genres, with different vatiations.
Today he is happy to present a collection of some of his best tracks released on Kaleydo Records.
'Lakeside' is a must have Tech House album that includes a few best sellers tunes, such as 'Guimara', 'Apache', 'Destination', 'Gobekli Tepe' and more.

All tracks written, produced and mastered by Alex Raider @ Green Room Studio – Italy.
Artwork Photo-Shoot Copyright: Antonella Bove Photographer.

Executive Production by Kaleydo Records.

Alex Raider - Guimara (Original Mix)
Alex Raider - Gobekli Tepe (Original Mix)
Alex Raider - Over The Yellow Line (Rework 2015)
Alex Raider - Apache (Original Mix)
Alex Raider - Hermes (Original Mix)
Alex Raider - Destination (Rework 2015)
Alex Raider - Destination (Original Mix)
Alex Raider - In His Heart (Original Mix)
Alex Raider - Under My Skin (Original Mix)
Alex Raider - Crook (Rework 2016)
Alex Raider - Yonaguni (Original Mix)