Alex M, Baby Blue, Phate, Children of Euphoria – Let’s Ride [Drama Hands]

Children of Euphoria is a mysterious musical collective started by E. Childs, a former Belgian Formula 1 racer whose obsession with breakneck speed is imbued in the collective's music, though it is created by of a revolving door of producers — E. Childs states, "no one is Children of Euphoria, we are all children of euphoria."

"Bibimbap" commences with dripping tribalistic chants and pitched breaks which abruptly give way to cavernous pads and the echoes of 303 basslines. "Ditz" is a bubbling drum workout with ping-pong bass alongside classic house touches courtesy of Chicago native @heartbeat_s who guests on the track. "Let's Ride" serves up acid house and footwork elements at a rapid pace, never yielding even as airy vocals glide in on a wave of washed out cymbals. "Burn Bright" channels early rave and hardcore elements, with glass synths droning and pulsing through clanging breakbeats. "Same Ol' Thing" ends the record on a high note — an anthemic, jazzy footwork number with punchy bass and vocal chops in tow.

Cameron Traxxx brings the tempo down on "Let's Ride", crafting a cut of classic house around the vocal sample — purpose-built for twilight rooftop parties. Vancouver's Phate takes "Ditz" to the underground — a sparse, effective house flip with a descending bassline set to test any system. Cyber Spa master Baby Blue rips and tears at the threads of "Bibimbap", reimagining it as a churning, throbbing cybernetic entity. Alex M transfigures "Same Ol' Thing", throttling back the tempo to reveal a bouncy bit of warm house.

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Children of Euphoria - Bibimbap (Original Mix)
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