Alex Ground, Outstrip – Slivarez [Fantastic Friends Recordings]

Express you!" thanx. thx
Pascal Feos: thx for sending
Manuel De Lorenzi : wonderful tunes here. Maximiljan : Both Versions of Slivarez are large, p! not originals are alex's remix are big
Aney F : Worthwhile tnx for promo
Dhaze : Alex remix for me! A soundtrack for unlit(flat) after-hours. an hypnotic keep up with that is superior to pressure the audience cut a rug & torture on every dancefloor. thanks
Martin Aquino : Wow the Armatura up my alley! Slivarez Surpass – Most techno-ish railroad with funky & profound elements, rebounding bassline & contagious flute! Eclipse – Slivarez (Alex Settlings Remix) Really nutty lump of music with a fat bassline & a ghost-ish companionship of non compos mentis hi-hats. intent try this week
Onno : grievous grooves here! Mihai Popoviciu: silvarez is serene for me, inclination with for firm! Paco Osuna : Thinks try thanks
Nathan Coles : Boost thanks
Someone Else : for me: Slivarez (Earliest Mix)
Nicolas Duvoisin : kind ep!

Outstrip - Slivarez (Original Mix)
Outstrip - Slivarez (Alex Ground Remix)
Outstrip - Armatura (Original Mix (digital Only))