Alex Espo, Alex ll Martinenko – Break Mind [Progrezo Records]

Alex ll Martinenko has been in a row of outstanding releases with undeniable highlights by some of the worlds top Djs the likes of UMEK, proving himself as one of the notorious producers with a particular taste for emotional but melodic techno productions raised in Ukraine, as his new and immeasurable single Pearl Break Mind does, paving the way with solidity enough straight to the top of the iceberg as an undeniable artist to put an eye on.

As if there were not nought, the release includes also a mind blowing remix by Progrezo Records debutant Alex Espo, bringing with a proper bomb to blast emotions and worldwide dance-floors as perverse arrows straight to the point.

Well crafted moderate beats built carefully over evolving bass-lines are layered by mind blowing synth-lines that seem played by celestial wizards, delivering a proper key to an unstoppable dimension full of emotion and surrealism visions as a memorable Pearl in the night.

Alex ll Martinenko - Break Mind (Alex Espo Remix)
Alex ll Martinenko - Break Mind (Original Mix)