Alessio Frino – Night X [Sonika Music]

Alessio Frino joins the kinfolk of artists of our stamp with his new EP "Edge of night X", where crackers synths and the correct arrangement of the tracks inclination assemble Techno lovers social worldwide. Italian techno assuredly has "something" that Sonika Music considers addictive. Get caught by these hypnotising tracks that inclination get you on a travel jammed of the most beneficent beats. Substantiation of this is the new EP of this colossal Dj Auteur, who on his coming out in Sonika, presents three tracks chock-a-block of unorthodoxy and all right cut.

Alessio Frino - Blues (Original Mix)
Alessio Frino - I Feel (Original Mix)
Alessio Frino - Night X (Original Mix)