Alessandro Grops – Nemesis Ep [Phobiq]

"Walking On" continues in the anyhow stratum with the shine shifting to the ambrosial chord motion, while dissimilar arpeggios intertwine with looped-out vocals. The style slot sets the air with its claustrophobic vibe and then unleashes mechanized stabs and a pulsating bassline which all head up to the commanding foundering. "Embrace On" treads in new hypnotic quarter, reinforced by indeterminate electronics and a crackling thesis split, and the EP ends with the haunting sensibilities and perilous synth riff of "Resource". Alessandro makes his Phobiq appear and offers four tracks in his signature craze.

Alessandro Grops - Nemesis (Original Mix)
Alessandro Grops - Resource (Original Mix)
Alessandro Grops - Walking On (Original Mix)
Alessandro Grops - Hold On (Original Mix)