Alberto Ruiz, Chicago Loop, Spektre – Shoot From The Hip [Respekt Recordings]

Alberto Ruiz adds his signature rifle and funk to proceedings with a lallapalooza remix for less saturated-on floors, and latest but not least: Paul, Prosperous and Ant deliver another nod to the 90s with the unashamedly R&S inspired 'Strobelight'. Heading things up, the threesome adopt their oldskool hearts on their sleeves with 'Project From the Hip' , where curly breakbeats and time-honoured stabs are smoothly fused onto a bang-up-to-tryst endorsement. After a extensive deferred since newest November's 'Catacomb', Spektre are bet on a support on their dwelling-place brand with some genuine concrete, this duration in collaboration with Chicago Bow.

Spektre, Chicago Loop - Shoot From The Hip (Original Mix)
Spektre, Chicago Loop - Shoot From The Hip (Alberto Ruiz Remix)
Spektre, Chicago Loop - Strobelight (Original Mix)