Ajeng Nabilla, MSSVKNTRL, Nengah Krisnarini, Audrey – Lovest(r)uck [Depictive Records]

Either you stucked on love or strucked by love, Lovest(r)uck EP by Audrey could pretty much sum the feeling up from a more feminine side. Each track is filled with true stories from people around her life or her own. Feelings translated straight to mellow chords progression with upbeat grooves. 4 tracks with different stories and senses which will make your body moving along with the beats, singing along for having the same thoughts and feelings toward the story.

Audrey - Monkey Love (Original Mix)
Belle, Audrey - With(Out) (Original Mix)
Audrey, Nengah Krisnarini, MSSVKNTRL - Some Time (Original Mix)
Audrey, Ajeng Nabilla - Gimme More (Original Mix)