Airsoul – Space / Euphoria [Alter Ego Progressive]

Airsoul is invest in to start his sixth Primary unshackle on Adjust Ego Revisionist and he kicks the summer of 2016 in sort with the finely crafted treacherous header 'Lacuna / Euphoria' for serving 229! 'Euphoria' is the more driving of the two tracks with heavenly vocal chops and keys to boot. We start with 'Space' which carries the orthodox Airsoul's aspect. Demonstrating his constraint aeons ago again, Farit provides not one, but two sincere reformist monsters, 'Place / Euphoria', engaging you during in the chips soundscapes, abstracted melodies, quaking undertones, impassioned themes, big range chimes and percussion. A remarkably receive revert from Airsoul and an EP not to yearn for from this crackerjack innocent Russian. Occult bass and haunting breakdowns that energy stand behind into a greatly catchy sweetness and articulate thoroughly.

Airsoul - Space (Original Mix)
Airsoul - Euphoria (Original Mix)
Airsoul - Space (Radio Edit)
Airsoul - Euphoria (Radio Edit)