Agustin Viera, Chan̩, Matias Bagato, Dennis Caressa РParasocial [Simplecoding Recordings]

In this ocation we accounted for right Dennis Caressa, an European impresario based in Germany. This EP features a mammoth variaty of teenaged talents, and also a Cyclopean remix from maker Matias Bagato who has music in labels like Nulabel and Labrynth and is a Brobdingnagian amusement to entertain him on committee. The SIMC0012 is an intriguing ep which contains 2 primary tracks and 4 remixes from adjoining Argentinian producers who won our opening simplecoding remix debate. Dennis has been releasing techno and tech race music sence 2012 and this is his introduction ep on Simplecoding. Simplecoding is a Techno mark based in Buenos aires, Argentina focused on promoting youn specific producers. We think in music as a worldwide vocabulary, a way to comunicate, a comprehensible corpus juris reach-me-down for expressing.

Dennis Caressa - Cyclone (Original Mix)
Dennis Caressa - Parasocial (Original Mix)
Dennis Caressa - Parasocial (Max Dubside Remix)
Dennis Caressa - Parasocial (Matias Bagato Remix)
Dennis Caressa - Parasocial (Chané Remix)
Dennis Caressa - Parasocial (Agustin Viera Remix)