AGTM, Paranormal, 3phazegenerator, Ionic Benton – Lift [Recoil]

The journey perfect opener from Ionic Benton. A unique techno cinematic sound scape incorporates tribal elements and deep evolving atmospheres. Taking the dance floor to a deeper level yet still driving the rhythm.
3Phazegenerators Parallel Reality drives a deep pulsing forward moving groove with wonky synth stabs and modulating percussive and atmospheric elements. Setting the pace to cook up a storm in the mix.
Paranormal's Blair Meat Company keeps pace as a gravitational rhythm almost hypnotic in nature yet compelling and mystifying. Show the true calibre of this forward thinking producer.
Anti Gasmask Techno Mulitia bring this debut EP to a thrilling close. Holding the pulse of peak time with a beautifully sculptured yet compelling groove. mesmerizing yet satisfying.

Ionic Benton - Cinetechno (Original Mix)
3phazegenerator - Parrallel Reality (Original Mix)
Paranormal - Blair Meat Company (Original Mix)
AGTM - RC001 (Original Mix)