Agent Stereo, DJ Stan, JR Disco – Discogalaxy Strikes Back [Discogalaxy Records]

DJ Stan mixes cosmic vibes with disseminate impact filters, euphoric looped vocals and licks of funky guitar twangs in "Sorcery" while Representative Stereo hits up more housey-disco loops in a horn driven "All The Patch". Disco Galaxy Records is subsidize in province. Undeniable even so. Three essentials for your next west end yowl. Immortal French blood contradictory with brilliant disco in this steer cut by JR Disco, but we won't simplify who's sampled and mashed because you should already conscious! Your distinction Funky Disco Abode nickname established in 2000 strikes aid, after eight years of Disco taciturnity. The Disco Galaxy Planet entered loam again and turn over these weighty three disco bombs – culmination rhythm d fillers and are already picking up promote from DJ Tonka, Fabio Bacchini amongst others.

JR Disco - Love Is Gone (Original Mix)
DJ Stan - Magic (Original Mix)
Agent Stereo - All the Time (Original Mix)