AfroQben, Sammy Senior, Fort Knox Five – Title: Pressurize The Cabin Remixed Exclusives #2 [Fort Knox Recordings]

Instrumentals are on tap for both of these single tracks. These single tunes are a advance showing of the characterization's 100th come out with, Pressurize The Lodge Remixed. Following the manumit of Fort Knox Five's more recent jam-packed stretch album, "Pressurize the Berth", each trail has been remixed and released as a pick. After holding on to these exclusive remixes, FK5 is releasing these tunes in a two fragment move-up to the 100th let out on Fort Knox Recordings, the Pressurize The Lodge Remixed album coming out this October. Revolve the bulk up stentorian and get cheerful for the bass to pinch! Add to this roll a funky glitch-hop lusus naturae remix by Sammy Higher- ranking, who takes the retro life of the actual and adds bass wobbles, chopped-up vocal stabs and some grave roar. In this course of action a few rare gems emerged, torpedo tunes which both Fort Knox Five and Qdup be enduring been playing in their sets all year. The issue is a fat slice of west coast g-funk with vocoded vocals and 70's funk guitar licks. With two heavyweight remixes spanning funk and glitch-hop, this unfetter drive take care the dinner party prevalent until the morning. After varied years of remixing the artists of Fort Knox Recordings, AfroQben ultimately gets to rework Fort Knox Five, delivering a wonderful funky upo on Dispos Go featuring Raashan Ahmad. One of the biggest tunes from the album so far has been Whatcha Gonna Do featuring Mustafa Akbar, and there are already some wonderful funky remixes that receive turn out.

Fort Knox Five - Whatcha Gonna Do Feat. Mustafa Akbar (Sammy Senior Remix)
Fort Knox Five - Ready Go Feat. Raashan Ahmad (AfroQben Remix)
Fort Knox Five - Whatcha Gonna Do (Sammy Senior Remix Instrumental)
Fort Knox Five - Ready Go (AfroQben Remix Instrumental)