Aekidna, Oneiric Vortex – Back To 95 Ep(emotional Remixes) [Eclypserecords]

Not bad …. Commendable hear and freeze tuned…. In this primary copy, dedicated to remixes, Vortex and Massimo Salustri chance on after a protracted measure. The obsession does not end here, other remixes are in preparation, but we can talk later of this. But nothing petrified or unfriendly, the entirety remains suspended, ethereal, to be offered in the pre evening, mind to at retreat, in the car, all extraordinarily melodic, at least for us. People skilled in Vortex & Oneiric and appreciates their tracks true level after so much thi and so, after the advertising of the innovative, we contain certain to aim some revisions, but in a diverse aspect. The prime concept was to bring out a ongoing exaltation mode remix, but during the convert, the woolly has shifted to a more accessible rage of the arrangements and the conclusion is to a certain extent warm, relaxing, except for Aekidna's slip remix, which it is more Drum'n Bass opulence. In primeval tracks, Vortex, DJ and business somewhat 'sturdy' bump into rendezvous with Emanuele Luzzi aka Oneiric, cultivated musician, jazz lover, born hypnotic arrangements, from time to time hurried, purely in stripe with the euphonious trends of 1995, but fully usable today, the dancefloor does punishment to this concept ' surging' in the staunch drift of the brief conversation, peculiarly when listening Reversion participation I. Three tracks forgotten in a drawer, published after twenty years from their implementation, we could not say goodbye them like that.

Oneiric Vortex - Reversion, Pt. I (So Delicious Mix)
Oneiric Vortex - Reversion, Pt. II (Dreaming Mix)
Oneiric Vortex - Oasi (Aekidna's Trip Mix)