Acues – Eternity [TFB Records]

TFB Records proudly presents its 198th release, with the single track by Acues, 'Eternity'.

The spanish producer brings to us an inmense magical song full of mystic sounds lead by a baseline with a strong character. The progression reminds us the untold level of magic achieved by the great old progressive house songs. The breakdown comes in a very subtle way, and, as soon as everything stops, the melody starts playing its beautiful notes, which combined with a heavenly voice will take us into the world of wonders. This is the kind of breakdown we love to hear because it just surrounds us so deep with its emotions that our brain flies at it highest level and the pure Trance feeling rushes through our veins in the most mystical way. Such an overwhelming track by Acues, a massive statement of how he feels the magic of Trance. We highly recommend to listen carefully to this masterpiece and let the sounds to come into your mind, you won't be dissapointed with the experience. Thank you Acues for this very personal piece of art.

Acues - Eternity (Original Mix)