Acid Mondays, Brett Johnson, Unsubscribe_, Kenny Glasgow – Circus Tales Remixes [No.19 Music]

The DJ duo of Negghead & Lex Wolfhave years of blissed out Balearic wisdom and now participate in regularly at Circo Loco as okay asputting out music on Cocoon, Illusions and Circus. Brett Johnson is a genuine domicile music personage. this is undeviating to makeyour hairs cope with on end and no fault. Acid Mondays are hurried-attractive an Ibiza home. Glasgow, of programme naturally, was great scrap of Art Bureau but recently went solitary, launching a critically acclaimed 2nd artist album below his own repute. Cosmic synth lines, trippy vocal sounds and squelchingpads categorically give it an intergalactic think as the rubbery drums bowl on less and send crowdswild. After the good of his latest solo album, Circus Tales, Kenny Glasgow now gets the remixtreatment from a choosing of stage setting heavyweights. The American has been kicking out jams since the1990s on labels like First-rate and Freerange and in point of fact knows how to jack up his beats. They are the fictional techno icon DaveClarke in his Unsubscribe semblance, as acc as Ibiza based duo Acid Mondays and legendaryhouse man Brett Johnson, all of whom propose up something refreshingly contrasting. As such it is no her this heavyweight variety of producers were zealous to get their hands on his research. It isPrototype he turns his heed to here and the important sequel is a thirteen moment houseopus that takes you on a melodious journey. Their standout adaptation of Movement Re-Process is a adroit and punchy techno jam with running grooves and Glasgows freaky vocalswrapping arched each other in definitely hypnotic three cuts here present something thrilling and singular and are unfaltering to espy bad books withDJs and dancers all during the course of the earth. His Unsubscribe moniker, alongside dutch organizer Mr Jones, has foundhim reworking the likes of Detroit heroes including Octave One amongst others. Here theytackle Interactive Diversion in select the fad and twist it into a writhing issue withbrilliantly bleepy melodies, taut techno drums and futuristic sci-fi vibes. The Toronto main and his trademark vocals and pitile tech earshot acquire fans all spherical the set and add genuine sensibility to dancefloors to each. Iconic Brit Dave Clarke, a long-serving of the row and forerunner of varied techno and electrostyles, goes cardinal.

Kenny Glasgow - Interactive Entertainment (Unsubscribe Remix)
Kenny Glasgow - Prototype (Brett Johnson Remix)
Kenny Glasgow - Action Re:Action (Acid Mondays Remix)