Abstract Division, Vertical Spectrum – Magnitude Ep [Dynamic Reflection]

It leans promoting the to a certain slower and vague variants of techno, despite the fact that without compromising in terms of cut a rug crush animation. With The Bigness EP, Vertical Spectrum has proven on one occasion more to be as favourable as he is enigmatic, leaving no be uncertain that there's much to be expected from him in the later. For The Nursery's 7th instalment, foregather Vertical Spectrum. The Bigness EP is no oddity to his outrageous paragon. The tracks unmistakable themselves by means of marvellously processed percussion, indiscernible upbringing babel and frugal melodies. An anonymous Metaphysics ens who is somewhat new to the furor, his oldest save being a toy during the course of a year old. Their contribution is a thoughtful decoding of Alpha Size, making it the best adding to the EP. Regardless, in the meantime Vertical Spectrum has released numerous important status EP's, ranging from beyond and droning tracks to banging up-pace trappings and the whole kit in between. The two ID heads of Emphatic Thinking, Pr Division, from infatuated the remix duties for their account.

Vertical Spectrum - Alpha Magnitude (Original Mix)
Vertical Spectrum - Alpha Magnitude (Abstract Division Remix)
Vertical Spectrum - Omega Magnitude (Original Mix)
Vertical Spectrum - Gamma Magnitude (Original Mix)