Abstrackt Dimension – Digital Constellation [Infinity-Tunes]

Next release for Infinity-Tunes will be the new fresh EP from Abstrackt Dimension aka Caxivari Enriquez, a talented, much promising young musician and producer based in Mexico. After his first EP 'From Another Reality', Enriquez attracted public attention with his unique and very personal fusion style. His new studio work consist intricately melodic sounds and energetic euphoria vibes, offering an effortless daylight journey. Nice balanced-mixed kick-bass lines, electronic instruments and organic arpeggios are stirred up by intriguing drum-loops, polyphonic effects, 'spangly' synthesizers and 'soothing' vocals. Enriquez seems to have a great progress in his sound and quality since his first EP, as he is working harder every day to complete a perfect combination of danceable and enjoyable, clean psy-progressive music. A must have package with hypnotic colorful trance that you can't miss.

Grab your copy and enjoy!

Abstrackt Dimension - Digital Constellation (Original Mix)
Abstrackt Dimension - Mental Awakening (Original Mix)