Abrão – Abrãƒo [Garzen Records]

First solo ep for long time Red Axes collaborator Abrao. Brazilian born Abraham Levin, moved fro Sao Paolo to Tel Aviv in the late 90s, after a wild career as leader of the 80s alternative/rock n roll band Kafka. He met Red Axes while they were still a punk band, and actually produced their 1st and last album.

The tables turn, and now Red Axes are producing for him. Laying his vocals on some of RA most know tracks such as : Waiting for a surprise, Camino de Dreyfus, Sabor, Balma and many more. It is time for the world to know the genesis called Abrao. Give him a warm welcome, as he really deserves it.

Abrão - Aguas Do Ganges (Takata) (Original Mix)
Abrão - Por Ela (Original Mix)
Abrão - Tudo bom (Original Mix)
Abrão - Intensidade (Original Mix)