AB – Disco A & B [No-Attitude]

Disco B is a single time finally again excessive on the hi-hats adjoined with a thumpin' bassline added to bantam pops of 90s nostalgia. Two Northern Italians, Jacopo Ottini and Marco Saudella, comprise this new juvenile duo, AB. Disco A brings the abundant old middle school 90s homestead flava along with wonderful overflowing hi-hats that manufacture you desire to jack yo' remains heart, jack yo' heart fraternity. Their Disco A Disco B EP busts out the old nursery school counci vibe with hi-hat disco influences. Playing lilting instruments from a minor age, AB possess a stable base and shape in their dub, descendants, and techno inspired compositions.

AB - Disco A (Original Mix)
AB - Disco B (Original Mix)