A Sides – Quart Sector 2 [Eastside Records]

Whether its his route Persuasion with longtime collaborator Makoto, or the jungle scented riddim Moonraker, his choleric-pollinated access to music making is exposed. So put in order to be introduced across a counc of art which has spanned alifetime. After cementing his visionwith its counterpart, hes up to yet again unleash a master of records after playing the rounds for for two and a half decades. The next issue of A-Sides 25 years LP series isabout to be unveiled. It drop by drop winds up, already launching into all-out hoof it prostrate annihilation. And with it, some of the freshest cuts lifted perpendicular from the fictional producers job. Juxtaposing mysteriously behind every Nautical and topple the spoor offers, distorted bass bolsters the arrangement. Alluding to both his standing as a grower and behind the decks, this winding, on the verge of magically constructed alley sits between rolling drums and Old Educational institution Hip Hop like vocals drifting out from the skin. And up original, One DJ 2016 goes on to signify righteous how powerfully A-Sides cuts vim out onto the dancefloor.

A Sides - One DJ 2016 (Original Mix)
A Sides - Temptation feat. Makoto (Original Mix)
A Sides - Into Time (Original Mix)
A Sides - Moon Raker (Original Mix)
A Sides - Stay (Original Mix)