A.M.R, Maywave, Kenneth Thomas, Factoria – Revive / More Sleepless Nights [Alter Ego Records]

Alter Ego is extremely proud to welcome back one of Trance's true talents. Dave Dowsett better known as Factoria decided to revive his massive double header 'Revive / More Sleepless Nights' back from 2006. Both 'Revive & More Sleepless Nights' where hammered by every A list in the game back in 2006 and firmly put Factoria on the map as being a truly amazing talent in creating a journey though trance. Every DJ from 2006 had this record in their record box. On remixes and giving both tracks a new lease of life, we have Mike Sanders, Kenneth Thomas, & Maywave; some of Alter Ego's finest artists.

First on remixes duties we have the mighty Mike Sanders who truly revives 'Revive' with his signature tough and uplifting sound. Endless energy and power throughout! A ton of emotive, hypnotic and haunting themes bolstered with raw, powerful synths, warm throbbing basslines and crispy driving beats!

Next on remix duties is the US power house that is Kenneth Thomas and his take encompasses everything you would expect from a Kenneth Thomas production, warm, deep and evocative sounds that will go bang on the dance floor! He really does delivery the new KT sound with a bang. don't miss this one!

Next on remix duties is the young Polish starlet Maywave who serves up more of his high intensity, peak time progressive take no 'Revive'. Stunning melodic work once again from the talented youngster with a charging bassline, energy soaked percussion, charming dreamscape top lines, emotive pianos and soaring pads.

The main man himself Factoria revisits 'More Sleepless Nights' with a completely new 2016 remix of the Original. Bringing back to life his trance classic as he gives it a slightly tougher sound and an all around more uplifting remix.

takes 'More Sleepless Nights' and completely turns it on its head with a stunning progressive take on the original. A truly graceful production, fusing emotive themes and some gorgeous harmonies. This is what does best, taking a track and turning it to a progressive masterpiece.

In addition to all the brand new fresh remixes we feature the original mixes from 2006.

For those that want to wind down but still enjoy the dreamy melody of Revive we have the Original Soulful Soundscape Mix back from 2006.

Factoria - Revive (Original 2007 Mix)
Factoria - Revive (Mike Sanders Remix)
Factoria - Revive (Kenneth Thomas Remix)
Factoria - Revive (Maywave Remix)
Factoria - More Sleepless Nights (Original 2007 Mix)
Factoria - More Sleepless Nights (Factoria 2016 Revisit)
Factoria - More Sleepless Nights (A.M.R Remix)
Factoria - Revive (Radio Edit)
Factoria - Revive (Mike Sanders Radio Edit)
Factoria - Revive (Kenneth Thomas Radio Edit)
Factoria - Revive (Maywave Radio Edit)
Factoria - More Sleepless Nights (Original 2007 Radio Edit)
Factoria - More Sleepless Nights (Factoria 2016 Revisit Radio Edit)
Factoria - More Sleepless Nights (A.M.R Radio Edit)
Factoria - Revive (Original Soulful Soundscape Mix)