A-Jay (SL), Dark Soul Project, Dilee D – Devious Disposition [We Are The Underground]

To conclude this EP, we receive more flair coming from Sri Lanka, as DJ/Auteur A-Jay (SL) gives a twisted clarification for a tardy sundown mace assembly, where all the elements of the track are turned into an great music happening. At remix duties, our description overseer Ill-lit True self Proposal delivers his okay known chunky reverberate and implements his dancefloor hallucination on the traces, creating a haunting channel, where the vocal is manipulated and a a intelligent overtures is injected assisting a more positive company. Our seventh turn loose at We Are The Nonconformist, marks the enter of a DJ/Processor/Marker Chief Dilee D, chief honcho of 'Sounds Of Clandestine', hailing from Sri Lanka where he began his profession as a remaining DJ at municipal clubs. Your feedback is invited! For the genuine mix of 'Insincere Placement', he provides a groovy strike one where a bouncy bassline takes the incline of the course, along with hypnotic vocals snippets that are combined with a cunning sweetness, creating a slot applicable for a animated up set. Maxi Zamac : AandR [We Are The Subterranean]

Dilee D - Devious Disposition (Original Mix)
Dilee D - Devious Disposition (Dark Soul Project Remix)
Dilee D - Devious Disposition (A-Jay SL Remix)