4NYØN3 – Torque [True Type Tracks]

For our 54th release we welcome 4NYØN3, a very talented and mysterious artist whose debut EP on w0rkt34m, ANYWHERE, got a huge response from critics and clubbers alike.

His sound is organically distorted, infected by the late 90s Techno, hypnotic and playful. These four tracks are a perfect example of 4NYØN3s sound palette, where analog & digital, subtlety and roughness, live together in harmony and work along to create some solid peak time dj weapons.


4NYØN3 - Dynamic Rotation 01 (Original Mix)
4NYØN3 - Dynamic Rotation 02 (Original Mix)
4NYØN3 - Dynamic Rotation 03 (Original Mix)
4NYØN3 - Dynamic Rotation 04 (Original Mix)