2Mind1Soul – Beautiful Youth [Perfect Sound Records]

After the introspective "Vacant Cities", the Portuguese producers moved into a vague air, recognisable in "Verónique", with ethereal vocals and addictive bassline in an evolving percussive design. The duo 2Brains1Essence is encourage on Fulfilled Quality Records with an inspiring manumit, "Pulchritudinous Immaturity". The sui generis Portuguese's summer and the up to date afternoon sunset parties are the mote of incentive of the subordinate piece "Well done Teen", filled with a hypnotizing guitar and synths on the way a contemplative and nostalgic sympathetic. Lift this end of summer disenthral and let receive you by the suitable memories that "Magnificent Laddie" drive certainly roused on you!

2Mind1Soul - Veronique (Original Mix)
2Mind1Soul - Beautiful Youth (Original Mix)