140 BPM, Hotheads, Chameleon, Angelika Yutt – Russian Eurodance [GlobalsounD Ru Music]

Different Artists – Russian Eurodance is the latest untie on GlobalsounD Ru Music.Electronic music – an awesome symbiosis of cultural traditions from hither the everyone

Angelika Yutt - Pain (Original Mix)
Chameleon - My Love (Original Mix)
Hotheads - Bananylopalabomba (Original Mix)
Angelika Yutt - Such Affairs (Original Mix)
140 BPM - I Have You (Original Mix)
Chameleon - 12-85-00 (Phone Number) (Original Mix)
Angelika Yutt - I Love (Original Mix)
Chameleon - Babe! Let's Get Acquainted! (Original Mix)
140 BPM - At Breath Distance(New Version) (Original Mix)
Angelika Yutt - Over Clouds (Original Mix)
Chameleon - Girlfriends (Original Mix)
Angelika Yutt - You Have Zeroed Love (Original Mix)
140 BPM - Daughter (Original Mix)
Hotheads - Antananarivo (Original Mix)