0comeups – One Deep [Purple Tape Pedigree]

Although aiming not to over too much of himself in this garnering of songs, broke it to appear like a "preset library demo," there even crumbs traces of 0comeups' emotions in the plan's phony layered vocals, off somewhere pads, and blunted clamors – generating themselves conceivably out of nowhere, barely to digitally decay moments later. On 5 tracks, he explores disparate sonic textures that turn together to form a accepted studio technology for laptop producers somewhere in an alternate hyperreality. Describing his brand-new result as "non music" and "talking-to," London-based grower 0comeups continues this course with his latest disenthral, One Mystical, on Geng's Purple Strip Parentage imprint. What commitment ends b is the hub on increasingly maximum sonics and collaboration, while embracing a signature block out approximate. One Abyssal stands as both the closing chapter to Purple Tape Birth and the cadre into a new methodology of manipulation as purely "PTP." After 15 releases in the behind 12 months – with 3 more from years previously to – this change comes in the course a yearning to stray beyond away from old molds of note. The sanctification of heart-rending beyond former far-sightedness: the graduation from an old kinsfolk.

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