04LM – Atichgate Ep [Soma Records]

Argentinian based 04LM makes a suffered reoccur to Soma after a little hiatus with the titanic, yet emotive, Atichgate EP. Things may secure been smooth on the o face but that has single strengthened the dissol of 04LMs music as he wields these 3 new tracks with utmost peerlessness. Atichgate ramps up the stress a s more as bouncy grooves nag across a harder set low end, yet 04LM gives profundity with his abstruse atmospheres. A shadowy, skilful EP, 04LM has certainly crafted himself a first-class ri and draw to electronic music. Certainly one for those after hours moments. Afterbye closes out the EP on a more hypnotic tip as circling percussion, swirls spherical a sea sub aquatic bleeps. Atich opens the EP as 04LM delves into the Unfathomable Techno spectrum with absolutely worked subby grooves, glistening, ill-fitting percussive elements and true up haunting pads.

04LM - Atich (Original Mix)
04LM - Atichgate (Original Mix)
04LM - Afterbye (Original Mix)